About Us

212 Communications is a leading strategic public relations and marketing firm launched in 2013. 212 stands for 212 degrees, the boiling point of water. The name matches its strategists’ approach, enthusiasm and energy they bring to their work. 212 turns up the heat!

212’s strategists work with businesses, non-profits, government organizations and individuals looking to build their brands and reputations. 212 works with clients in industries ranging from technology, finance, government, banking and real estate development, to consumer products, nonprofits and environment.

In short, we are Builders. Connectors. Navigators.

Builders. 212 Communications works with corporations, individuals, and non-profits to build their reputations and set themselves apart from the competition. Our strategists immerse themselves in the client’s market, develop comprehensive marketing and pitching strategies, and build relationships with reporters, writers and bloggers, to enhance reputation and tell our client’s story.

Connectors. When clients build a new corporate headquarters, apartment tower or mix-use complex we help smooth the way by putting together a comprehensive community affairs plan and then overseeing its execution. We often set up meetings with community groups, elected officials, local businesses and residents who will be affected by the development. New projects often spark anger and over reaction and can turn a public forum into a free-for-all of insults. We help diffuse the anger by meeting the constituencies and preparing them for the development well before the first hole is dug, pile driven or community meeting held. We develop a systematic approach to maintaining communications with these groups and work to calm even the most contentious relationship.

Navigators. When clients are attacked, or preparing to release negative news, we provide strategic council, crisis planning and communications, as well as intensive research of opposing organizations. We have worked with organizations undergoing controversial senior management changes, filing for bankruptcy, developing controversial real estate projects, facing environmental issues, and fighting opponents who have assaulted their products. We share with our clients the crisis communications lessons we have learned over the years from taking serious challenges head on.